The Intellectual Property (IP) field is a branch of the Law focused to the protection of distinctive signs (marks, commercial names and slogans), inventions (patents, utility models and industrial designs) and copyrights (works of several types; literary, artistic, music, etc.).

In accordance with the amendments to the Industrial Property Law of May 18, 2018, specifically to the Article 89, the following signs may constitute marks:

I.- The denominations, isolated letters, digits, figurative elements and color combinations, as well as holographic signs.

II.- Three-dimensional shapes.

III.- Trade names and corporate or business names (exceptions apply).

IV.- The proper name of a natural person, provided that it is not the same as a registered mark or published trade name.

V.- Sounds.

VI.- Smells.

VII.- The plurality of operational elements; image elements, including, among others, size, design, color, shape layout, labels, tags, decoration or any other that, when combined, distinguishes products or services in the market, and

VIII.- The combination of the signs stated in sections I to VI.

An invention is all human creation that allows the transformation of the matter or energy that exists in the nature, for its exploitation by the man and satisfaction of concrete needs, i.e., that are susceptible of industrial use.

The works can be classified as literary; musical, with or without lyrics; drama; dance; drawing; sculpture and plastic; cartoon and comics; architectural; cinematographic and other audiovisual works; radio and TV programs; software; photography; applied art that includes the graphic and textile design and compilation, including works collection, such as encyclopedias, anthology and other works or elements as data bases, provided that such collections, for its content selection or disposition form an intellectual creation.

The registration of any of the aforementioned creations, as well as of a domain name, before the competent authorities (Industrial Property Mexican Institute or Copyright National Institute or Akky) grants to the creator an exclusive right over the same, i.e. the right that no one else can use that creation, thus it is important to protect them from its creation and during its validity.













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